Junior Flex 11 Academic Lab

  • Goals and Purpose: We encourage students who are on a college or university track to take a rigorous schedule of courses during their junior year. All current research indicates that a student who does so is more successful at the college and university level. We also encourage students to prepare themselves beyond the academic challenges coming in their post-secondary school lives. One of the greatest of these challenges is handling new freedoms and choices open to them after graduation.

    Juniors who take a rigorous schedule—equivalent to a half-semester of college credit—will be given the option of flex scheduling their academic lab. During the flex academic lab, juniors will make choices about the use of discretionary time, but they will be required to maintain academic proficiency, follow established procedures, and manage their flex time well.

    During flex academic lab qualifying juniors are permitted to stay and get academic help from teachers or participate in club activities. Once students finish working with a teacher or a club meeting they may leave campus or check into the Media Center for supervised free time. Students who do not need to stay for a club meeting, to get academic help, or wish to go to the media center must leave campus during flex 11 AL. Students must check out according to the established procedures.

    To Qualify for Junior Flex Academic Lab:

    • Student must be on track to graduate, with 26 credits by the end of grade 10, and be pursuing a Core 40, AHD, or THD diploma.
    • Must have a GPA of 3.25 or higher at the end of the 10th grade year.
    • Students must take two or more in-house Noblesville High School flex qualified courses. Qualified Courses = AP courses, Dual-Credit courses, PLTW Capstone Courses, and/or PLTW Dual Credit Courses.
    • Student must maintain academic proficiency in all courses. Failure to maintain a C or higher on 9-week grade checks all courses will result in the loss of Flex 11 Academic Lab.
    • Student must follow all school policies and procedures, including timely completion of the required College and Career Readiness activities, or risk forfeit of this privilege. (See below.)
    • Student must be enrolled in the random drug testing program.
    • Student must be in and remain in good standing.
    • Parents must sign an agreement allowing students on a flex schedule to leave school grounds during Flex 11 AL. 

    College and Career Readiness Requirements
    Students will be required to submit proof of participating in two (2) of the following activities per semeseter:

    • College and university representative presentations
    • College and university visits to campus
    • “Colleges I am Thinking About”module in Naviance
    • Resume placed in Naviance
    • CCR workshops for college readiness (Financial Aid Night, College Night ,N.I.C.E. Fair)
    • SAT/prepprogram on Kahn Academy
      Taking SAT or ACT


    • Juniors interested in a Flex 11 AL should fill out the Intent to Apply form. Please discuss any questions with your guidance counselor.
    • The Noblesville High School master schedule has been developed to accommodate the needs of all students at NHS. Guidance counselors will not change schedules of individual juniors in order to qualify for a flex schedule. For example, counselors will NOT move a class from first semester to second semester in order to create the flex option.

    The Junior Flex AL is not required, nor is it a right. Students should work carefully with parents and their guidance counselors to determine if this schedule is in their best interest. School officials may revoke this privilege at any time if the student does not follow school policies or if the student is unable to handle the discretionary time or academic load.

    Click here to view the list of Flex Qualifying Courses.

    Click here to download the Junior Flex 11 Academic Lab Application.