• Responsible Use Resources for Elementary Students and Parents

    Internet Safety

    Video - Teaching about Internet Safety 

    Internet Safety

    Discussion Questions: So what is the Internet anyway? What are the rules for Responsible Use ? What happens if I break the rules?

    Student Pledge

    I will honor the values of my family and school!
    I will only use the Internet when my parents or teachers tell me it’s OK and only for as long
    as I am supposed to.
    I will make smart decisions about what I watch, play and send, and will ask my teacher/parents if I’m not sure what’s appropriate.
    I will keep myself safe.

    Extension Activity

    Together as a class, brainstorm websites that your children like to visit. What is special about each site? Why do they like it? If possible, hook up a T.V. monitor or projector to a computer with Internet access and present the website to the whole class. Discuss how kids know that the site is safe. Is it sponsored or endorsed by a trustworthy source, such as a school, a public television network, or a television show? Keep a list of safe websites to create a resource that kids can use when they browse the Internet. You may also wish to bookmark the safe sites on your class computers so that students can navigate to them quickly. If possible, photocopy the list so that students can take them home to share with their families.

    Protecting Personal Information

    Discussion Question: What kinds of information should you keep to yourself when you use the Internet?

    Video - 5 Safety Tips for Kids to Protect Privacy

    Internet Safety Tips for Kids

    Student Pledge

    I will not give out personal information
    like my address, telephone number or
    school name to anyone unless I have
    permission from my parents.
    I will stop right away if I read or see
    something on-lne that upsets or scares
    me and tell my parents or teacher.
    I will keep my device/technology safe.
    Your iPad is a very valuable object and if it is damaged because you were careless or mistreated it you and your family will be responsible for the cost of repair. If it is damaged by accident the school will pay to repair. Do not leave it outside, in a car or at a friend’s house. Do not let it get wet.
    I will be a good digital citizen.

    Extension Activity - Keep it Private lesson plan (K-2) Private and Personal Information (3-5)

    Keeping my iPad/Computer Safe

    Discussion Question: 

    Video - iPad Care and Handling

    iPad care (K-3)

    iPad care (4-8) 

    Student Pledge

    I will use my iPad to complete homework assignments and other activities given to me by my teacher. I may use my iPad for free choice activities such as reading books and educational games provided by my teacher.
    I will always have good manners and be polite
    when communicating using my iPad.I will not take pictures of videos of anyone without their persmssion. I will not send or post videos or photos without my parents or teacher’s permission.
    I will keep a healthy balance.
    While technology can help me learn, too much “screen time” with games or videos can be unhealthy. I will help my parents set time limits that make sense, and then I will follow them. As Mr. Baker would say, “Get up and get moving!”

    Extension Activities

    The First Days of iPads 

    Be Internet Awesome from Google