• Potential Internship Partners

    Noblesville High School is completing its tenth year of a career exploration internship program for high school seniors. This school year we have had over 315 interns, cadet teachers and work-based learning students placed throughout our community and schools. We have partnered with more than 150 businesses in Noblesville and surrounding cities and all Noblesville Elementary and Middle Schools.

    This program exposes students to real-world experiences and develops the transfer and application of skills taught in the classroom. Our interns graduate with a keener understanding of skills necessary to be successful in the workforce. It is always our goal to make our partnerships benefit the businesses and schools, as well as our students.

    Some basic facts regarding the internship program:

    • Interns are high school seniors 
    • Interns are NOT paid during intern hours, but some businesses have offered paid time after school and on the weekends  
    • Interns are at their sites the entire semester every other day for approximately 3 hours
    • Interns receive elective credits and complete an online class with the internship coordinator
    • Students complete a digital portfolio documenting their work for the school year
    • Intern time is coordinated with the partnering business ensuring student participation at the most optimal times
    • Interns may attend their placements outside of school hours and use their internship blocks as flex (ie interns at Churches, Sports Complexes)
    • The school district provides a liability policy on each intern for protection at your site

    The success of this program is dependent upon how well we blend the talents and dispositions of our students with the wisdom and experiences of our business partners. Student participation can only increase if we continually build new business partners in the community. Noblesville High School hopes you will consider joining us. Together we can build and develop strong futures for our students, as well as a strong workforce for business partners.

    Contact information:

    Mark Wilkinson                                               Dan Nicholson
    317-773-4680, ext. 12350                              317-773-4680, ext. 12262
    mark_wilkinson@nobl.k12.in.us                     dan_nicholson@nobl.k12.in.us

    “Internships introduce students to the habits and value of work, while making connections between academic learning and its real work application.” (Jobs for the Future, The Educational Alliance, Brown University)