• Student Choices

    Under the Umbrella of Internship

    Juniors meet with coordinators and discuss their career interests,  the curriculum they have pursued, and the career pathway they would like to explore. Wherever possible, students are placed during their senior year in an internship that matches their interests and pathway.   

    Under the CTE Umbrella 

    CNA-Students receive CNA certification after completing necessary course requirements and passing the state certification exam.  CNA's may work in all medical facilities, as well as use this certification as a stepping stone for attending nursing school.

    EMS-Emergency Medical Services prepares students for a State certification in Emergency Medical Services. This course is designed for persons desiring to perform emergency medical care. Students will learn to recognize the seriousness of a patient’s condition, use the appropriate emergency care techniques and equipment to stabilize the patient, and transport them to the hospital. This course also addresses the handling of victims of hazardous materials accidents.

    Auto Technician-Noblesville school has a partnership with Hare Chevrolet and Ivy Teach to provide students course work over 2 years to complete an auto technician certification.  Hare Chevrolet is instrumental in this partnership by lending classroom and garage space for the students.

    Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc (ABC)-Noblesville juniors attend ABC training center taking classes taught by a NCCER certified instructor, as well as earning their OSHA 10 certification.  Seniors will be placed in a work-related internship during the school day and  will enroll in the NCCER'S Level One Formal Apprenticeship Program one night a week.   

    Pharmacy Technician-CVS and Noblesville Schools partnered to create a full year internship and training program for seniors. Students complete online CVS training modules and complete internship hours in CVS pharmacies.  After graduation, CVS preps students for the Pharmacy Tech Certification.  Upon passing the certification, students are able to work as a Pharmacy tech, as well as continue to study Pharmacy in college.