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    Applied Skills Resources
    Below are resources and guides for using ISTEP+ Part 1 Applied Skills (open-ended) released items and scoring notes.
    Helping students understand what is expected on Applied Skills-type questions and learn how to respond at an exemplary level
    1. To increase students’ comfort level when answering Applied Skills questions
    2. To improve students’ ability to answer Applied Skills questions independently
    3. To enhance students’ responses, striving for exemplary work
    Helpful ways to use the Scoring Notes as instructional tools
    • Review the information in the scoring notes as a guide to become familiar with sample student work and the explanations that accompany the scores. 
    • Share student samples and the rubrics with the class; ask students to predict the score for each sample. (This activity can be done individually, with a partner, or in cooperative groups.) 
    • Share student samples and the scores. 
      • Discuss with students how to take a 0 response and make it a 2, or a 1 response and make it a 4, etc.  
      • Have students write about revising responses to make them “exemplary” (A great way to improve performance is to have students write about how to answer the question in an exemplary way, without actually working the problem; this helps students analyze their thoughts about solving the problem and helps them communicate [especially mathematically] through writing.) 
      • After practicing in class, this type of task could be used as homework, for journal entries, etc. 
    • Make copies of a released Applied Skills question and use the item as a warm up, partner activity, group task, or for individual student practice.
    You can download PDFs of the released items by clicking on the links below and going to the "Released Part 1 Applied Skills (open-ended) Items and Scoring Notes" section.