Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Melissa Henney

HI!  Welcome to 5th grade!!!  My name is Melissa Henney and I'm a graduate from Indiana University.  After college, I taught for 2 years in northern Indiana until I got married and moved to Chicago.  I married Josh Henney on August 11, 2001. (That means we have a BIG anniversary coming up this year...15 years)!   Josh and I moved into a condo in Lincoln Park and I  taught for 3 years in Oak Park, Illinois.  Josh and I relocated to Indianapolis to be closer to family when our first child, Peyton (Pey), was born.  Just 18 months later our son, Jack, entered the world.  I stayed activley involved in teaching when Pey and Jack were little but instead of elementary school,  I taught preschool to work around their school schedules.  Fast forward time and I felt very lead to get back into teaching in the elementary schools.  Last year I worked in a Carmel school in resource and completed my school year with a 4th grade maternity leave.  The awesome part about last year is that I left off right where we will begin!  


As a family we love to play games together.  We are all pretty competitive but it is all in good fun.  We also love to vacation in Naples, Florida where Josh's parents live.  Pey is a 6th grader at Carmel Middle School.  She is a cheerleader and play girls lacrosse.  I coach her cheerleading team too.  Jack is a 5th grader at Cherry Tree Elementary.  He loves to play tackle football and basketball but lacrosse is his favorite.  Josh loves to help coach Jack's teams and we love watching both of our kids do what they love the most.


Josh and I don't travel by ourselves too often but this summer we did get to go on an 8 day trip by ourselves to Jamaica to celebrate our 15 year anniversary and 40th birthdays.  It was so much fun to just relax but we always prefer to be home with our family and friends.  


I am so eager to spend the school year with each of you!