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    Special Education Department
    General Information
    • Where might I find what all the acronyms mean?
    • Where might I find information on IREAD-3, ISTEP, ECA, diploma requirements, testing, etc.?
    • How often will my child leave the classroom?
      • This is always based on the student's individual plan.  Some students receive support services in the general education classroom, some students leave the general education classroom for intervention block(s), and some students participate in the special programs that replace the general education classroom.  It is all based on the student's individual needs and determined by the case conference committee.
    • Who will inform staff of my child's needs in regard to equipment, cochlear implants, etc?
      • Your child's Teacher of Record (TOR), will make sure that the information is shared with everyone that needs the information.  It is the TOR's responsibility to make sure that everyone understands the information in the IEP.  Please make sure that any important information is in the IEP.  If medical/equipment updates occur outside of the time of the case conference, please communicate with your child's TOR about any updates to their information.  He/she will continue to update the team working with your child.
    • How do I get an FM system for my child?  The audiologist states that my child needs to use one in the classroom.
      • You would need to share the concern that you have for your child's classroom environment at the case conference.  You can also share the recommendation from the audiologist about the FM system as a suggestion for supporting your child in the classroom.  The case conference will then determine what is needed to accommodate your child.
    • What's the difference between Accommodations vs. Modifications vs. Interventions?
    Early Childhood
    •  Where might I find help if I have concerns with my child meeting the typical developmental milestones?
    • Where might I find help if I have concerns with only speech and language development of my child age 3-5?
      • Contact your elementary school's speech therapist for assistance. 
    • What services are offered beyond early childhood?
      • A variety of services are available and are determined by the student's educational needs.
    • What happens if the student does not qualify for services after early childhood?
      • If your child is no longer eligible for special education, they will continue on to kindergarten without an IEP.  The kindergarten teacher will continue to monitor their performance through assessments and progress monitoring that are provided to all children.  If the school has a concern or question about your child's performance, you will be contacted by your child's teacher.  If you have a concern or question about your child's performance, you are welcome to contact the kindergarten teacher as well.
    • Where might I find developmental norms for speech and language?  How long will those services be needed?
    • Will someone be able to attend my child's case conference from the transitioning school?
      • Anyone may request for a member to attend the case conference.  If you would like for a representative to attend, please talk with your child's Teacher of Record.  At times the school invites a representative from the next school.  It is all depending on the needs of the student transitioning.
    • What will services look like at the next school?
      • Your child's IEP will follow them to the next school building.  All services and accommodations listed in the IEP will be implemented at the next school.  The case conference should address what this will look like in the meeting before transitioning to the next level.

    Post Secondary Supports
    •  Where might I find information on resources for transition services? (i.e. guardianship, waivers, agencies, etc)
      • The transition handbook along with many other resources are located on the parents' corner webpage.
    • Where might I find information on local colleges and supports that they may offer to students that have had an IEP?