• McKinney-Vento Homeless Information

     The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act (reauthorized under Title X, Part C of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001) ensures rights and services for children and youth experiencing unstable housing.  This federal law removes barriers to education for students in need. According to the U.S. Department of Education, children and youth living in the following situations are considered homeless (this definition is unique to schools):

    • Doubled up with family or friends due to economic hardship
    • Living in motels or hotels for lack of other suitable housing
    • Runaway children and youth
    • Homes for unwed or expectant mothers for lack of a place to live
    • Homeless and domestic violence shelters
    • Transitional housing programs
    • Abandoned buildings or on the street
    • Public places not meant for housing
    • Cars, trailers, and campgrounds
    • Migratory children staying in housing not fit for habitation

    Please contact the McKinney Vento Liaison at your student's school for further information:  

    District Liasion


    Mental Health Coordinator



    McKinney-Vento Resources



    Building Level Liasions  

    Hazel Dell Elementary

    Liaison Name: Michelle Rogowski

    Email: michelle_rogowski@nobl.k12.in.us

    Phone number: 317-773-2914


    Hinkle Creek Elementary

    Liaison Name: Taylor Wise

    Email: taylor_wise@nobl.k12.in.us

    Phone number: 317-776-0840


    Noble Crossing Elementary

    Liaison Name: Amy Smith

    Email: amy_smith@nobl.k12.in.us

    Phone number: 317-773-2850


    North Elementary 

    Liaison Name: Erin DeCocq

    Email: erin_decocq@nobl.k12.in.us

    Phone number: 317-773-0482


    Promise Road Elementary

    Liaison Name: Katie Luce

    Email: katie_luce@nobl.k12.in.us

    Phone number: 317-773-7060


    Stony Creek Elementary

    Liaison Name: Elizabeth Burton

    Email: elizabeth_burton@nobl.k12.in.us

    Phone number: 317-773-0582


    White River Elementary

    Liaison Name: Megan Thomas

    Email: megan_thomas@nobl.k12.in.us

    Phone number: 317-770-2080


    East Middle School

    Liaison Name: Jane Sanders

    Email: jane_sanders@nobl.k12.in.us

    Phone number: 317-773-0782


    West Middle School

    Liaison Name: Krista Robbins

    Email: krista_robbins@nobl.k12.in.us

    Phone number: 317-776-7792


    Noblesville High School

    Liaison Name: Akwete Purifoy 


    Phone number: 317-773-4680


     Indiana Department of Education State Liasion 

    Gina Woodward – she/her

    Homeless Education Specialist

    Indiana Department of Education

    Division of Title Grants and Supports