• Kindergarten

    What will we be learning this year?

    Music is such a special time for our Kindergartners.  Mrs. Krent and Mrs. Kunkel spend the year helping our students become tuneful, beatful, and artful through the Feierabend curriculum.  We spend our days singing our names, singing for our friends, playing instruments, exploring our voices, playing games, and listening.  We love to dance, move, sing, and play when we come to music!

    Over the year we will focus on hitting all of our standards in Kindergarten music, including...

    • I can identify quarter notes and quarter note rests.
    • I can recognize music that is fast.
    • I can recognize music that is slow.
    • I can identify pitch (high and low).
    • I can identify the music symbol Treble Clef.
    • I can sing in unison.
    • I can perform call and response.
    • I can identify percussion instruments and describe how the sound is made.
    • I can sing music loudly and softly.
    • I can sing sol and mi using hand symbols.
    • I can sing music in a fast and a slow tempo.