• 1st Grade

    What will we be learning this year?

    We spend our 1st grade year establishing our steady beat.  We learn many songs that teach us our solfege words including Sol, Mi, La and Do.  We also learn how to play our Orff instruments with proper mallet technique and how to identify if a sound is higer or lower.  In late February/early March we invite our families to come and explore Specials with us at the 1st Grade Specials Spectacular!  We get to show our families all the wonderful things we have learned in Art, Gym, Music and Technology!  We have so much fun in Music and love to sing and play our instruments together.

    Over the year we will focus on hitting all of our standards in 1st grade music, including...

    • I can identify half notes and half note rests.
    • I can clap the steady beat to music.
    • I can identify notes on a line or a space.
    • I can show the direction the notes go in a song (pitches move up, down, stay the same)
    • I can sing music in a round.
    • I can recognize string instruments and explain how the sound is made.
    • I can recognize the dynamic marking soft (piano), and loud (forte) in music.
    • I can sing do, la, so and mi using hand symbols.