• 5th Grade

    What will we be learning this year?

    We learn many things during our 5th grade year.  Since we started with our recorders in our 4th grade year, we've been able to build upon the many skills we learned last year.  As 5th graders, we have begun Mrs. Kunkel's Recorder Karate program.  As a class, we learn at least 9 different songs this year on recorder.  As we progress through the year with these songs, our goal is to test for our belts.  The White Belt song is "Hot Cross Buns".  Once a student masters "Hot Cross Buns", they submit a video of them self playing the song through Canvas with their iPad.  If they earn enough points, they receive the White Belt and then can begin working on the next song to earn their next belt.  All our Black Belt students will be able to perform the Black Belt song at our 5th Grade Finale in May.  

    But we don't just learn recorders as 5th graders, we also get an introduction to the ukulele!  Each 5th grader gets to learn how to play the ukulele which helps them start to decide what instrument they would like to play as a 6th grader.  We explore all the different instrument choices they have through a great app on their iPads called Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra.  Students get a great idea of what instrument would best fit them and can discover a whole new world through the symphonic orchestra.

    Speaking of symphonies, we will take a wonderful field trip to Hilbert Circle Theatre this year to attend the Discovery Concert performed by none other than the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.  Afterwards, we will enjoy a delicious lunch at Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant.  We are so excited to take this trip in March 2018.

    Over the year we will focus on hitting all of our standards in 5th grade music, including...

    • I can match pitch within the treble staff, using solfege syllables.
    • I can perform steady beat with tempo markings of adagio and allegro.
    • I can create and perform simple melodies with musical shape.
    • I can sing alone without accompaniment.
    • I can create dynamic levels of piano, mezzo piano, mezzo forte, and forte while performing melodic or rhythmic ac- companiment to given melodies.
    • I can distinguish between duple and triple meter aurally and visually.
    • I can recognize and identify major and minor chords au- rally.
    • I can recognize aurally two-part harmony.
    • I can demonstrate ability to do simple rhythmic dictation.
    • I can read and perform simple melodies in 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 meter.
    • I can sing and play simple rhythmic and tonal patterns by reading music notation.
    • I can recognize intervals visually and aurally.
    • I can create music expressively during a performance.
    • I can use facial expression and body movements to por- tray style/mood of music being performed.
    • I can sustain my own part while performing in an ensemble.
    • I can play recorder independently in an ensemble.
    • I can demonstrate the ability to perform and describe how music fulfills a variety of purposes.
    • I can demonstrate ability to sing rounds and canons.
    • I can describe similar and different characteristics of Na- tive American, Traditional Appalachian, West African, and Colonial American music using music terminology.