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    • The successful completion of assignments provides essential practice of new skills, reinforces concepts, and promotes student responsibility and a productive work ethic. Students are responsible for completing assignments according to the teacher's directions and for meeting set deadlines.
    • Students have one day after returning to school for each absence to make up work.
    • PowerSchool grade information for parents and students uses the legend below.  The most important are grades that have a Comment entered.  This will indicate a comment from the teacher about this particular assignment.  It is expected that students check their own grades in Power School to see these comments and meet any requirements.  You can do this my clicking on the actual grade (it should have a hyperlink on it).


    • Students may receive lunch detention Mondays-Thursdays until missing assignments are complete per unit.  Students who fail to report to lunch detention may receive after school detention.
    • Many of the activities and assignments will be completed by analyzing primary source documents. There will be an emphasis on reading comprehension, historical interpretation, collaboration, writing skills, and web-based assignments.
    • Extra credit assignments may be given at random throughout the semester. All extra credit is due the following school day unless otherwise noted. Extra credit does not count as make up work when students are absent from school.