Mobile Device Options



    Noblesville is offering two iPad options for students, and families should choose the option that is best for them.  All participating students are required to attend one of the iPad orientations.  Depending on the option chosen, students will either receive a iPad issued by Noblesville Schools, or students personal iPad will be configured for use on the HS network. 

    Use an iPad issued by Noblesville Schools – Parents should choose this option if you would like an iPad (16 GB) provided by Noblesville Schools.  Students will be assessed a mandatory fee billed through textbook rental, which will be at least partially offset by for most families by savings in textbook rental/fees.  The iPad, case, power adapter and cable must be returned at the end of the school year, and insurance is provided. 

    Provide your own iPad – Parents should choose this option if they plan to use an existing iPad or purchase your own.  They may want to choose this option if you want a white iPad, an iPad with more storage, or an iPad with 3G mobile data service (which must be turned off during the school day). If a student brings in a personally owned iPad, he/she must agree to the following conditions:

    • Students are responsible for providing their own case and keyboard.  The case the school recommends will be available at the bookstore.
    • Parents are responsible for loss, damage or theft to personally owned iPads. Parents may purchase insurance through the WorthAve Group for additional coverage.
    • The iPad must be a full-sized iPad Air 2 or later and have the latest iOS version.
    • The student must have continuous access to the iPad.  The iPad cannot be shared with others, as the student must bring it to school every day and have access to it at home for work outside of class.
    • The iPad will have the NS profile loaded onto it, which will erase all content and may limit functionality.
    • Students must bring in personally owned iPads on their designated distribution date/time for configuration.
    To select option B, please complete this form and bring in your iPad during the designated deployment date/time.