Creating an Apple ID

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    Apple ID for Students Under 13
    For students under 13, Apple IDs are created by Noblesville Schools. 
    Apple IDs for students under 13 include the following features:
    • Account settings, such as email address and date of birth, cannot be changed.
    • No credit card is attached to the account at setup.
    • Limit Ad Tracking is turned on for the account to ensure the student does not receive targeted
    • advertising from Apple.
    • Students can’t opt-in to receive marketing materials.
    • A parent or guardian can be notified of any significant changes to the terms of the account.
    Once your student reaches age 13, the Apple ID converts to a full account with full rights and privileges.
    Students can continue to access any classwork, notes, books, or apps associated with their Apple IDs.

    Apple ID for Students Over 13
    We will not be assigning an Apple ID to you for use with your iPad.  You have a couple of options..

    1. Use your current personal Apple ID.  If you have ever purchased anything from iTunes or have an iOS device, you should already have an Apple ID. This will probably be the easiest solution for most people.  To sign in with your personal Apple ID, you can go to Settings > iTunes > and Sign in or just go to the App Store and download a free app and you will be prompted to sign in.  But if you would rather start fresh or have an Apple ID that's not tied to a credit card you can try option 2. 

    2. Creating a new Apple ID.  

    In order to create a FREE Apple ID – one not tied to any credit card – you will need to create that Apple ID in the App Store or in the iTunes Store, not at the Apple ID website. Securely store the password, the answers to the security questions, and the rescue email for your Apple ID.
    From the App Store or iTunes Store
    1.  You will need an email address that is NOT already associated with an Apple ID. The school email address will not work for an Apple ID.
    2.  Launch the App Store.
    3.  Select a Free App to Download. Since you will be using the Canvas app for school, this one is recommended.
    4.  Tap the Free button.
    5.  At the login screen, select ‘Create New Apple ID’.
    6.  Complete the information requested
    1.  Select United States; click Next.
    2.  Scroll to the bottom of statement and Agree.
    3.  Enter email address and password.
    4.  Answer security questions and enter rescue email address.
    5.  Under Billing Information, be sure that NONE is selected.
    6.  Enter your address in the next area; even though you are not entering credit card information, you still need to enter your address.
    7.  Once all information has been entered, Apple will send a verification email to the address used to set up the account.
    8.  Go to that email account, select the email from Apple and click on the ‘Verify’ link in the message. Enter your Apple ID login information on the screen that opens.
    9.  Return to iTunes store; you will be prompted to login.
    10. Finish downloading app.

    Managing your Apple ID.

    There are a couple of steps that will make life much easier if you ever lose your Apple ID password.

    1. Make sure you write down your security questions and answers. 
    2. Add a "rescue" alternate email to your Apple ID.

    You can go to to edit information tied to your ID.