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    September 24, 2020 -  
    iPadOS 14 and iOS 14 iPad OS Update includes a new "Private Address" setting for Wi-Fi that needs to be disabled for NS items to work correctly. Turn off "Private Address" by going to the device's Settings - Wi-Fi - select the "i" next to NSC_Corp and toggle off the "Private Address" option.
    iOS 14 Network Settings Screenshot
    *Previous Post on September 21, 2020 -  We have found a few bugs with screen sharing and connecting to our device management system.   Students iPads have been blocked from updating, but we have not blocked staff devices.   If you have not already updated to IPadOS 14 on your iPad or iOS 14 on your iPhone, we would recommend that you hold off on updating until we can verify that these bugs have been resolved.
    September 18, 2020 -
     Google on iPads -
    • A new web clip has been sent to all student devices called "Canvas In Chrome". If students click on this shortcut, it should open Safari and prompt the student to open https://noblesville.instructure.com in Chrome. Students can bookmark Canvas in Chrome as well if needed.

    Canvas Chrome IOS icon

    • Everyday Math Games are working better in Chrome vs Safari.
    • The "Request Desktop Website" setting is usually off by default in Chrome. Users can enable this setting by clicking on the three dots and selecting "Request Desktop Website". Users can also revert the setting by clicking "Request Mobile Site." Switching between these options can help when troubleshooting certain websites.


    YouTube on iPad and Airplay - A few recent finds...

    1. YouTube is currently not allowing users to Airplay in full screen from Safari on the iPad.
    2. YouTube videos must be embedded in Google Slides to utilize Airplay on iPad.  If a user is mirroring Google Slides in present mode, clicking the YouTube URL will not display the video (it will only play sound).
    3. This issue has been resolved: The YouTube App on the iPad is currently not working when using Airplay.


    September 15, 2020 -
    Google is investigating reports of an issue with Google Drive. The affected users are able to access Google Drive, but are seeing error messages, high latency, and/or other unexpected behavior. Visit Google's status page for the most recent information at https://www.google.com/appsstatus#hl=en&v=status
    September 14, 2020 -

    Notability has released an update in hopes of fixing the freezing and disappearance of students' work whenever they exit their notes. The updated version should start showing up on student devices tomorrow.  We still recommend students to take a screenshot of their work before exiting the app until we start to see consistent improvement on the app.

    Previous Note: Students have had a better experience with the app AFTER BACKING UP to Google Drive, deleting the Notability app, and re-installing it.  Students will not need to take this step after the updated version is auto-installed on the device.

    Personal Device on NSC_Corp - If your personal device is on NSC_Corp, and you haven't already this year, you will need to install a new certificate. This certificate will allow you to view encrypted sites and services such as Google, Bing, Vimeo, etc.  Please keep in mind these directions are for personal devices only (not school-owned devices).  Click here for the instructions. 

    If you haven't yet joined your personal device to the school network and are looking for full directions, please click here.

    September 9, 2020 -

    Google Drive - Google confirmed that the problem with Drive has been resolved.  Please create a HelpDesk ticket if you are still experiencing issues.

    Students who see the CK Authentication login screen on an iPad Complete either one of the following steps....

    1. Open a new tab in Safari, wait 10 seconds, and then try to visit the needed site.
    2. Sign in with lunch code and network password
    Students should open a new tab instead of refreshing the same tab.
    Canvas - We have open cases with Canvas to fix issues with Blank PDF's and images not always appearing for students.
    Students who can't download pdf into Notability or are getting blank PDF's - The workaround is to send the PDF to Google Drive (from Canvas Web in Safari) and then to Notability.

    If students are experiencing issues using the Canvas App please have them try the following...

    1. Update iPad's Software
    2. Open iPad's Settings, Select "Student" & turn on "Reset cache on next launch"

    If it's still not working, delete the Canvas App & reinstall it from the App Portal. Canvas can also be accessed via Chrome App. 


    September 8, 2020 -

    Google Drive - Google confirmed that the problem with Drive has been resolved.  Please create a HelpDesk ticket if you are still experiencing issues.

    Previous Post: Various users are experiencing issues with Google Drive in our district, as well as several other districts. Google’s dashboard is currently all green, but they are aware of the issues and are currently working on it.


    September 1, 2020 -

    Clever confirmed that all login issues have been resolved. Please create a HelpDesk ticket if students are still having issues.

    • Previous Note: Clever is aware of a looping behavior related to iOS devices and the Google login flow. They stated that their engineering team is currently working hard to investigate this. If your student is having issues logging in to Clever, please use a Clever badge as a workaround.  If you do not know how to retrieve a badge, please create a HelpDesk ticket. We will keep you posted with updates.

    PowerSchool has been sporadically slow today. Pages are taking a long time to load, and in some instances, the page times out before finishing loading. A support case has been submitted with PowerSchool. If a server restart is needed, we have requested that it be done after hours today.


    Invalid Token Error - Students who receive an "Invalid Token" error when logging in to online items such as Canvas, ensure the following...

    1. iPad's Software is up to date (Settings - General - Software Update) 

    2. Toggle OFF "Block All Cookies" and "Block Pop-Ups" (Settings - Safari - Both items are listed in this setting)



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