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Current Technical Staff Updates

  • Zoom: If you get a pop-up message that you need to update Zoom and it requires admin credentials, close that screen and open Zoom from your Finder (blue smile face in dock) > Applications folder. The shortcut on your desktop or dock may not open the latest version.
    ⇒ Canvas Course Update:
    • We will be removing all 2020-21 courses from Canvas. If you still have a 2020-21 course that you would like to keep, please create a HelpDesk ticket by Friday, October 7th.  
    • ALL other 2020-21 courses will be deleted.  
      (Courses from other terms will not be deleted, but students will be removed from all other old courses.  See below.)
    • We will be removing all student enrollments from 21-22 Canvas Courses over fall break.  We will NOT be deleting 21-22 courses or content, just removing student enrollments from them. 
    • If you need us to keep a specific student enrolled in a specific 21-22 course because you use it as a sample, please create a HelpDesk ticket.  We will need the course URL and the student ID.
    • When possible, capture/download/make pdf of the student content so that you can show it without using Canvas. Then we can remove the students, but you'll still have their content.


    EveryDay Math Games:  McGraw-Hill is working on EDM game issues where students are unable to hit certain buttons.  We will continue to keep you posted on updates.  We have found this temporary workaround:

    We have seen some success accessing EDM Games using Canvas in Chrome Webclip on the iPad.  We also found the below work-around for students experiencing issues with EDM games.  When students come to the game screen to select the color profile click on the "aA" in the URL bar.  Then select "Request Mobile Website."  

    EveryDay Math Games Screenshot
    After you do this, hit the back browser on your button.  And you should come back to the "Start" screen.  Hit start again, and this time you should be able to select the Color Profiles.  If you are still having issues, please create a HelpDesk Ticket.
    As of Monday, September 12th, we received the following email from McGraw Hill, "Unfortunately I do not have anything at this time. Our Academic Design team has had to reach out to the vendor that helps provide those games and they are awaiting for more information from them. I do not have any estimated timeline to provide right now, but I will provide you with an update as soon as I get it. Thanks!"

    ⇒  ParentSquare: Thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks.  See below for Help Sheets:

Live Dashboards

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