Special Education Services



    Related Services

    Noblesville Schools' Special Education Department initiates a collaborative approach to providing special needs related services with the Hamilton-Boone-Madison Cooperative (HBM).  HBM oversees itinerant staff professionals including School Psychologists, Occupational Therapists (OT), Physical Therapists (PT), teachers of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHH) and Blind/Low Vision (BLV), along with Assistive Technology, Educational and Vocational Consultants. These professionals work closely with students' case conference teams to provide a full continuum of services including professional development, observation, direct therapy service, job training and more. The goal is to challenge students to work to the highest level of independence, and to advocate for their individual needs in all areas of their lives. To learn more visit HBM

     Speech-Language Therapy (SLP)

    Noblesville Schools’ Speech/Language Pathologists (SLP) are an integral part of the Special Education Department. Speech therapists provide support to students, three years of age through high school.  Speech Therapists provide a continuum of support from direct services to consultation. Speech Language Therapists work with students to improve their communication skills so that they will be able to effectively communicate in the classroom receptively, expressively, socially and collaboratively with peers and staff. Communication skills are a vital part of the learner-centered culture fostering future-ready skills through authentic experiences.  Speech Language Pathologists collaborate with each students' support team including the general education teachers to align therapy goals with the curriculum, and offer support to incorporate receptive-expressive language, social language and articulation development across environments: classroom, school, home, community and career.      

    To learn more visit the website at: Speech Therapy



     Vocational Transitioning

    Noblesville Schools provides transition planning for students enrolled in special education who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Transition planning is the opportunity to plan for each individual students post-high school goals and the current needs required to reach their goals. A statement of those needs, based upon a transition assessment is written into each student's IEP starting at age fourteen (14). Factors that are included in the transition plan include: academic preparation, community experience, development of vocational and independent living objectives, and, if applicable, a functional vocational evaluation.  The Noblesville Schools’ Project Work Program is a transitional school-to-work program that utilizes information from the transition assessment to immerse students in off-campus work that is a seamless combination of classroom instruction, career exploration, and on-the-job training and support. To learn more visit: Project Work



    Extra Curricular

    Noblesville Schools provides many opportunities for students with disabilities to participate in extra-curricular activities.  In 2013-14, Noblesville Schools joined the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) Unified Track and Field.  This IHSAA sport combines people with intellectual disabilities (traditional Special Olympics athletes) and students without disabilities on sports teams for training and competition in a state tournament. The Noblesville Schools' Unified Track and Field team has placed in the top six in the state, earning state runner-up in 2016. Special education students experience new social opportunities, make friends and compete along side peers they may not of otherwise communicated with in our schools.

    Noblesville Schools participates in the Unified Champion Schools program. PE Teachers, Physical/Occupational Therapists, Functional and Lifeskills Teachers work together to implement this program.  Unified Champions give students, ages 3 to 13, the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of fitness training by learning to walk, run, jump and throw. Students end the school year with a fun-filled track and field challenge at Hare Chevrolet Field in May. 

    Noblesville Schools provides many opportunities for students with special needs to be included in sports, the arts, music and all other areas offered in our schools.


    Behavior Assistance Team (Mosiacs)

    Noblesville Schools' Special Education Department provides opportunities and services for students whom are experiencing challenges participating in their educational environment.  All schools participate in Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) which set a positive culture for following rules and doing the right thing during each school day. When students need support staying on track there are several alternative programs designed to continue the student’s academic progress while addressing behavior/emotional challenges with an intensive intervention plan.  Programs range from counseling by our licensed counselors to intense intervention programs designed to empower each student with the skills, strategies, resources, and self evaluation-monitoring abilities to successfully participate in a diverse environment.  There are times when community partners are a part of the team including doctors, psychiatrist, social workers, educators, behavior specialists, administrators and family members’ with the goal of successfully transitioning the student back to a successful general education environment.  To learn more Mosiacs


    Private Schools

    The Special Education Department also provides special education services to students that have been parentally placed in nonpublic schools (private schools).  Private School students with disabilities are students with disabilities who are enrolled by their parents in nonpublic schools, home schools, or private facilities, including religious schools or facilities. 

    Noblesville Schools' Special Education Department works closely with the private schools in the Noblesville community to identify eligible students, consult and develop Individual Service Plans (ISP).  An ISP is a document that describes the specific special education and related services that the Special Education Department will provide to nonpublic school students with disabilities.
    At times Noblesville Schools' students require special transportation as an available related service.  Special transportation is based on student need via a case conference committee decision.  Students that need special transportation usually have physical and/or behavioral disabilities that require the use of a wheelchair bus or a small group environment with extra assistance to monitor behaviors.  Special transportation can only be provided per a student's IEP in an individual case conference.

    Homebound Instruction

    Noblesville Schools' Special Education Department supports students that cannot attend school for one reason or another.  Educational instruction to a student in an alternative setting is considered homebound instruction.  Students receive homebound instruction due to medical reasons in which they cannot attend school as well as in cases where the case conference committee deems that due to a student's disability the school is no the best place for a student to receive services or the the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).  The Special Education Department provides an instructor to either meet with the student outside of school hours or to monitor the students online work which is completed outside of the school environment.  The case conference committee shall determine the type, intensity, and duration of special education, related services provided to student on homebound instruction.