Noblesville Schools
    Special Education Department

    Special Education Programs


    Noblesville Schools’ Special Education Department provides services for students that need a spectrum of support to achieve the same goals as our general education students. Noblesville Schools provides services for students with special education eligibility, ages three (3) through graduation or turn age twenty-two (22). Programs supported are Early Childhood, Academic Inclusion, Adaptive Education-Emotional/Behavioral, Life Skills,  Functional Academics, Project Life and Project Work. The level of student support is based on their individual needs as determined by an Interdisciplinary Team that includes parents, teachers, therapists and administrators. The case conference committee is a meeting in which the Interdisciplinary Team gathers information and makes educational decisions based on the needs of each individual student.  The results of the team's work is an Individual Education Plan (IEP).  The Noblesville Schools' Special Education Programs align with the district's mission and vision to provide every student the opportunity to develop skills, habits and attitudes necessary for success in career and life.