• 8th Grade to HS Scheduling info:

    BAND: For scheduling, sign up for “Concert Band” if you’re a wind player, or “Percussion” if you’re a percussionist. This will ensure you’re in the concert band program your freshman year! We can get you into the correct band from there.

    -JAZZ BAND: If you also want to be in jazz band, also sign up for jazz band on your schedule, and fill out this google form to be considered for jazz band placement:

    JAZZ BAND SIGN UP LINK  (your NMS band directors will also send you this).

    You must be in concert band to be in jazz band, and you can definitely still get your Academic Honors diploma by doing concert band and jazz band all 4 years.

    -EVERYTHING ELSE: a ton of other information about concert band and all the other band opportunities are in the links below! Including a 4 year sample schedule from a former student who had plenty of room to graduate with honors and take concert band at least one other elective all 4 years!

    Four Year Scheduling Plan for Music

    8th grade to HS Information

    If you have questions contact:
    Music Department Chair / Director of Bands - Eric Thornbury: eric_thornbury@nobl.k12.in.us
    Asst. Director of Bands / Jazz Band Director - Bethany Robinson: bethany_robinson@nobl.k12.in.us