What is Miller Shift?

  • Miller Shift is our term to describe the unique 21st Century learning happening at Noblesville Schools.

    The “shift” to a new way of educating our students for the world of tomorrow.

    The way we teach doesn’t happen everywhere else!

    Miller Shift is:

    • 4 Cs- collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity
    • Inquiry/project based learning
    • Doing, discussing and applying instead of just listening and memorizing
    • Making real-world connections and learning from outside experts
    • Students exploring their learning passions
    • Integrating technology into the classroom as a tool to facilitate these other objectives
    To watch the 2015 Miller Shift Learning Showcase video click here 
    To watch video explaining our Innovations class click here 
    To watch video explaining our culture of active learning technology click here
    To learn more about Miller Shift: