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    Posted by Joan Walden on 10/22/2017 12:05:00 AM

    Dear Writers,

    Have you ever had a bike wreck?  I have.  During my Fall Break, last year, when Mr. Walden and I were on a biking trip, I had a bike accident!  Unfortunately I broke my collarbone.  OUCH!  Althought my shoulder hurt a lot, and I had to wear a sling for  6 weeks, I am very lucky I wasn't hurt more.  You see, I was wearing my bicycle helmet.  I always knew bicycle helmets were an important part of bicycle saftely, now I know HOW important they are. In fact, I am going to write a nonfiction booklet about bicycle helmets.  I am going to use everything we have learned so far, to write a nonfiction booklet, that teaches you all I know. I will become an EXPERT on bicycle helmets, and bicycle safety.  First, just as we learned, I will start with my table of contents.  In my next posting I will begin writing my chapters, by writing all I know.  Then, I will add research.  Last, I will revise and edit my writing.  Stay tuned, and join me in writing what you know a lot about.  

    Mrs. Walden


    Bicycle Helmets

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1:  Why Is Wearing a Bicycle Helmet So Important?

    Chapter 2:  How to Wear A Bicycle Helmet Properly

    Chapter 3:  How Do Helmets Work?

    Capter 4:  Why Don't More People Wear Helmets?

    Chapter 5:  Who Invented the Bicycle Helmet?



    Chapter 1

    Why is Wearing a Bicycle Helmet So Important?

    How old are you? If you are reading this, you are probably 7 or 8.  Did you know, if you are 14 years old or younger, it is the law that you must wear a bicycle helmet.  Almost 1,000 people a year have serious bicycle accidents. That is a lot of accidents.   750 of those injuries are head injuries.  Wow!  Some of those injuries are brain injuries. These injuries can change how you learn, how you think, and even how you move your body.  The sad news is, 850 of those 1,000 injuries are totally avoidable.  That crazy!  That means they don't have to happen, if the biker is taking safety precautions. The most important saftety precaustion to take is to wear a bike helmet.   Your brain is the most important part of you body.  If your brain is injured, other parts of your body won't work.  If you brain is injured, sometimes none of the parts of your body will work.  What are you going to do? Are you going to wear a bicycle helmet?  


    Chapter 2

    How to Wear a Bicycle Helmet Properly

    1.  Make sure your helmet is level on your head.  Not too far back, and not too far forward.

    2.  Give your head a shake. If it is tight enough, it will stay in place.

    3.  Your strap should be snug.  One figer should fit between your chin and your strap

    Chapter 3

    How does a Helmet Work?

    A helmet protects your head by absorbing the impact of a crash.  This protects your head, and more importantly, your brain.  Head injuries are bad for everyone, but especially for children. Your brain is still growing and developing.  You need to protect it.  There is foam in a helmet.  It  actually gets crushed when you crash.  It takes the impact so your brain doesn't have to. 

    Chapter 4

    Why Don't More People Wear Helmets?

    People don't wear helmets for a few different reasons.  The biggest reason is that they don't like the way they look in a helmet, or they think helmets are ugly.  This might be a good reason to design a unique and creative design.  This isn't a good reason not to wear one.  Many people think they are such good bike riders, that they are sure they won't crash.  The truth is, you don't know how good the other people riding around you are.  They might cause an accident, and you get caught up in it.  And, like me, rare things can happen, that you have no way of knowing they will happen.  I was riding through a leafy area, and I had a branch get stuck in my wheel.  I was thrown over rmy handlebars.  If I hadn't had a helmet, I know I would have hurt my head.  My helmet got a crack in it, but my head didn't. 

    Chapter 5

    Who Invented the Helmet?

    The bicycle helmet was invented in 1975.  It was designed for bike racers.  It was invented by a company called Bell Auto.  You may have seen a helmet brand called Bell.  They are the same.  In 1985 they made it so that bike helmets had to meet certain safety standards.  They have gotten better and better over the years. in the 1990s, they became ligher, and easier to wear.  There is even a design called the Invisible helmet.  It works like an airbag and deploys when you have an impact.  It is over $500.00.  A normal bike helmet is MUCH cheaper, and can be very fun and creative.  


    1.Injuries:  To be harmed or hurt somewhere on your body.

    2. Invisible:  Unable to see.

    3. Law:  A rule made by our government.

    4. Level:  Even, not tilted.

    5. Safety Standards:  Expectations for how to keep us safe.

    6. Snug:  Tight so it does not move around.



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  • Be a Nonfiction Reading Tour Guide: Be an Expert

    Posted by Joan Walden on 10/22/2017

    Dear Readers,

    I hope you have had a wonderful Fall Break, filled with nonfiction reading!  I am anxious to hear about all the things you have read.  Did you learn how to do something you didn't know how to do before?  Are you an expert on a new topic?  In this blog, give us, your readers, a tour of your book.  You are the expert.  Teach us what you know.

    1.  Share the main idea of the book, and a big parts

    2.  Include 1 or 2 details to support the big parts

    3.  Share a few keywords that show you are an expert 

    4.  Share what text features helped you understand about yoru topic (table of contents, diagrams, bold print, photographs, captions,glossary)


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