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    Technology use among children and adolescents continues to increase. Consider the number of devices that children now have access to. With access to the Internet, these devices allow children to connect to others in ways we could not have imagined.
    With the proliferation of devices comes concerns regarding cyberbullying, screentime, digital citizenship, media literacy, and exposure to inappropriate content. For parents, keeping up it all can be a daunting challenge.
    The resources below provide answers to some of these questions:
    • What can parents do to help kids use these devices responsibly? 
    • When online, how can parents make sure their children are safe? 
    • What can parents do prevent the sharing of personally identifiable information? 
    • How can I teach my children to build a positive digital footprint?  

    Participate in our Parenting in the Digital Age course delivered through the Canvas.  This self-paced course is available throughout the year.  
    Raising Digital Citizens - This is a collection of resources intended to support and encourage the responsible use of digital tools.

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