• Welcome to the Art Room!
    My schedule of classes is:
    Grade 4   9:15-10:00
    Grade 5   10:15-11:00
    Grade 3  11:10-11:55
    K-           12:55-1:30
    Grade 2   2:35-3:20

    Grade 1  1:45-2:30

    Visual Arts at White River-

    Students collaboratively observe, analyze, and interpret various artworks. Students create, connect, present, and respond to their own art and others. We use "The Elements of Art" line, shape, color, value, texture and space- our "ingredients," and put them together in "The Principles of Art" balance, pattern, rhythm, emphasis, unity and contrast- our "recipes!
    We are inspired and motivated by art history, different cultures, books and stories, music, and current events in art locally and globally.
    We explore new visual art vocabulary and build on it every year. We demonstrate craftsmanship and skill technique with appropriate use of tools and materials.
    Students will write artist statements, present their artwork, and collaborate with other students about their art. Self assessment will be part of their evaluation as well as classroom behavior. 
    We will have many art displays in the school and student artwork will be displayed at: 
     The State Youth Art Exhibit at the Capitol Building downtown Indianapolis in March,
    The Nickel Plate Art Center in downtown Noblesville in April, and
    All School Art Show in March at White River
    Student artwork is also displayed for the 7th year at a Chemotherapy Imaging Center in Fishers.