Demographics Verification for Current Students

  • All current students enrolled in Noblesville Schools must verify and update their demographic information each school year. Parents are asked to verify that the school has current contact information, to update any changes in a child's medical history, and to agree to technology usage permissions.

    The PowerSchool parent portal has been re-opened to allow enrollment updates to be made.  Please note that the mobile app and PowerSchool emails are not available at this time. Attempting to use the mobile app during this time will result in an error message. Full access to all features of PowerSchool will be re-enabled after August 1.
    Parents/guardians should sign into the parent portal and click on the gray arrow icon in the upper right of the screen (as shown in the photo below) to be taken directly to the registration screen.
     Parent Portal
    If the arrow icon does not appear or does not open the link, parents can use the:
    A separate snapcode will need to be entered for each child to be udpated. Snapcodes can be seen in the parent portal for any child whose enrollment information has not yet been updated. 
    If you have not created a parent account, please refer to the PowerSchool Single Sign-On Instructions for the steps necessary to create your parent account or view this Parent Account Video Tutorial. Please contact your child's school office if you need additional assistance creating your parent account.

    PowerSchool Parent Portal:
    Video Guide: Using the PowerSchool Parent Portal with InfoSnap 
    Instruction Sheet (pdf): Accessing InfoSnap via the Parent Portal