• Noblesville Schools' Speech-Language Therapists

    In preparing students for a learner-centered culture where students will be able to communicate, collaborate, analyze, create, innovate and solve problems, speech/language skills are highly regarded.  As Speech/Language Pathologists (SLP) in the Noblesville Schools, it is our mission to provide support to students, age 3-high school. We provide direct support to students to teach and improve their communication skills so that they will be able to effectively communicate in the classroom receptively, verbally and collaboratively with peers as well as in their written performance. Communication skills are a vital part of a learner-centered culture which fosters future-ready skills to meet the needs of our quickly changing world. Speech Language Pathologists collaborate with general education teachers to align therapy goals with the curriculum, and offer suggestions to incorporate language and articulation development across environments: classroom, school, community and career.  To learn more about SLPs, visit their powerpoint    

    Erin Rood, Special Education Elementary Director
    Amy Roberts, Special Education Secondary Director

    Noblesville Schools'
    Speech-Language Pathologists
    Hazel Dell Elem. 773-2914
    Judith Mathew
    Beth Herzog
    Hinkle Creek Elem. 776-0840
     Mindy Page
     Taryn Johns
     Katie Hannah
    Noble Crossing Elem. 773-2850
     Beth Herzog
     Jodie Tomlinson
    North Elem. 773-0482
     Marsha Schneider
     Shannon Fuelling
    Promise Road Elem. 773-7060
    Stony Creek Elem. 773-0582
     Megan Bates
    White River Elem. 770-2080
     Gwen Saffa
     Anastasia Lucich
    Noblesville East Middle School 773-0782
     Courtney Foster
    Noblesville West Middle School 776-7792
     Jennifer Lagomarcino
     Shannon Fuelling
    Noblesville High School 773-4680
     Stacy Millikan
    Private Schools
     Shannon Fuelling
     Holly Coons