• Student Testimonials

    “A lot of the things I learned I had expected, such as the various hard skills that comes with being in IT. However, there were some things that I hadn’t expected to learn about. The most important of these is how a business operates. After attending several staff meetings, I started to learn how Crossroads operated on a day-to-day basis.”

    “When I started at SMC in the fall, I never imagined the extent of information I would learn. I thought I would mostly be copying papers or doing busy work, but every project I did I learned something about either marketing or the company I was at.  My boss would also call me into his office whenever he had a new project for me and in that brief time he had we talked about a whole lot more than just the project.  I learned about life in the workplace.”

    “Within the first few months, I learned more about the CAD system or Computer Assisted Dispatching system, as well as met the dispatchers and what county they take calls for. I am glad that I have met the different dispatchers and now I understand how hard it really is to deal with people in distress."

    “As days went on, I realized that they always had work for me, yet this wasn't like a normal high school class. They asked for my input, allowing me to analyze what we were doing and put my own two cents in it. Throughout my entire experience thus far, I have been treated like a highly regarded high school student who has the capacity to work in city government. That aura, along with the projects we have been doing, has provided a platform for me to develop my soft and hard skills.”

    “I would definitely recommend this program to any future senior who wants to know what their future career could be like. It is so much different than sitting in a class. You get hands-on experience and get to see the inner workings of a company. This program has also helped me mature beyond high school. I feel as though I am treated as an equal employee even though I am just an intern. It also cannot be compared to a typical high school job. It is a lesson not just in your chosen career path, but a lesson in life.”