• Traffic patterns change, main entrance moves
    Traffic patterns and access to Noblesville High School are about to change as preparations are made for construction to begin.
    The circle drive in front of the school will close on Tuesday, September 17, as construction trailers are brought to the site. Fencing in front of the school and near the pool will be installed on Wednesday, September 18. Additional fencing will be installed west of the building during fall break after the drive behind the school is widened.
    On Thursday, September 19, Gate 2 - the doors in front of the gym - will become the main entrance to the school. The entry will be secured with a buzzer system and visitors will need to show photo identification to enter the building. Guests should be prepared to walk farther to get to their destination.
    Construction will begin around October 1. During the school year, all work will take place outside of the school. Work inside will begin when the school year ends. 
    Per state law, all construction personnel will have background checks, drug tests, and wear appropriate identification.