• Finish Strong


    Finish Strong
    I hope your student had a relaxing and restful break. Now, it is time to complete a strong finish to the
    This is the point in the semester where bad study and work habits seem to take hold. I encourage you
    to check progress in PowerSchool and stay up to date with what is going on in the classroom in Canvas.
    We have 22 days before Thanksgiving break and another 19 days after Thanksgiving break until the
    semester ends. Students will be in each class 19 more times before they take their final exam. If you
    see an issue, you are encouraged to contact your child’s teacher ASAP.
    On Wednesday, 11/2, students in grades 10 and 11 will take the PSAT during an extended morning
    academic lab. The PSAT is an exam co-sponsored by the College Board and the National Merit
    Scholarship Corporation. The exam measures reading, writing, and math skills while providing students
    with excellent practice for the SAT. The results of the PSAT come with an SAT study plan for use as
    students prepare for the SAT they will take during their senior year.
    See the attached daily bell schedule for this day.
    Seniors with Independent Academic Lab will start their student day at 10:57.
    Freshmen will participate in a career fair. Read below for more details.
    Freshman Career Fair Activities
    On November 2nd while the Sophomores and Juniors are taking the PSAT, Freshmen will be
    participating in 3 different activities designed to help Freshmen be successful here in HS, and get them
    to start thinking about their Post-Secondary options!
    The day of the PSAT, students will report to their Academic Labs, and rotate through three different
    stations; Career Fair, Internet Safety Presentation and an Introduction to Naviance/4-year Graduation
    Plan Session. Students will also have a 30-minute block of study hall time.
    During the Career Fair, students will have the opportunity to speak with career representatives from the
    area. The Freshman English classes have prepared questions to ask the representatives, and students
    have taken a Survey in Naviance to help narrow down their top career choices.
    The Internet Safety Presentation will be given by an internet safety expert, and will review with students
    the importance of making positive choices while using the internet and social media.
    During the introduction to Naviance session, students will learn how to access and log-in to Naviance,
    how to complete Career Assessments, and how to use Naviance to build their 4-year High School
    Graduation Plans.
    Veterans Day Program
    Noblesville High School and the junior class officers will be hosting our second annual Veterans Day
    program on Monday, November 7, in the NHS auditorium. The program begins at 1:15 and guest
    speakers include Arthur Thornbury (father of band director Eric Thornbury and WWII veteran), State
    Senator Luke Kenley (father of English teacher Bill Kenley), and Congresswoman Susan Brooks in
    addition to veterans from around Noblesville. The junior class will be in attendance so they can learn
    about Veterans Day. The NHS Performing Arts Department will again be part of the program with
    several different musical pieces. All veterans are invited to attend and will be given special seating up
    Please email Eric Gundersen at eric_gundersen@nobl.k12.in.us with questions.
    Water Main Break
    I would like to extend my appreciation for your patience during the day and a half of school we missed
    due to the water main break on the north side of our campus. Recently, the Indiana Department of
    Education granted Noblesville Schools a waiver for our lost instructional time. As a result of the waiver,
    NHS is not required to reschedule time lost on 9/22 and 9/23.
    Important Dates
    10/26 – early release day – 2:05 dismissal
    11/2 – PSAT (grades 10-11)
    11/9 – full eLearning day
    11/14 – Veterans Day program
    11/23-25 – Thanksgiving break

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  • Week #5



    Week #5

    Checking Grades

    For those parents new to NHS, we do not have quarter grades. We only have semester grades. However, under the old, traditional grading timeline, we would be at mid-term of the first quarter. You are encouraged to check your student’s grades in PowerSchool. If you have questions concerning the grade, speak with your student first. If questions still persist, you are encouraged to communicate with the classroom teacher.


    Upcoming Important Dates

    September 14 – Full eLearning day

    Homecoming Information

    Homecoming week starts Monday, September 19. Float building starts at NHS on Monday for each grade level and will continue through Thursday. Each day float building will occur from 3:00-6:00pm. Below are the student spirit days:

    Monday – Frat Day
    Tuesday – Tacky Tourist
    Wednesday – Groufit (all gray everything) Thursday – Generation Day

    Freshman – Babies Sophomore – Kids/Teens Junior – Adults/Parents Senior – Senior Citizens

    Friday – Black and Gold Day

    Friday will be an early release day. Students will be released at 2:05. Other important Homecoming dates are as follows:

    Thursday, 9/22 – Powder-puff at 6:00pm at Hare Chevrolet Field – admission is $5 Friday, 9/23 – Parade starts at 4:00pm and follows a route from NHS to Downtown Friday, 9/23 – Homecoming Football game at 7:30pm at Hare Chevrolet Field Saturday, 9/24 – Homecoming Dance from 8:00-11:00pm in the NHS Gymnasium

    Tickets for the Homecoming Dance will be sold from September 15 to September 21. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at lunch. Students will need a voluntary drug screen consent on file and their student ID to purchase a ticket.

    Homecoming Dance

    On 9/24, homecoming week will conclude with a dance in the NHS gymnasium. The dance is open to all students in grades 9-12. In recent years, we have had between 1200-1600 students attend this dance. Our first concern is student safety.

    See below this item from our Student Handbook. Please pay special attention to the italicized, red item.

    Students must be enrolled in the Voluntary Drug Testing Program to attend any NHS dance. They may be required to show an NHS ID card when entering the dance. An NHS student who wants to bring a guest who is not an NHS student must register that guest in Student Services prior to the dance. Any student must pick up a request form in Student Services. No guest will be admitted unless the guest form has been completed. Approved guests must be at least 9th grade, but no older than 20 years of age. Guests and students are expected to follow all NHS rules, and the guest’s behavior is the responsibility of the NHS student. All students and guests will be breathalyzed before entering the event and may be breathalyzed before leaving the event. This policy applies to dances and may be used at other after hours school events as well.

    We will use an alcohol-sensing device that detects alcohol on the breath of every student entering the homecoming dance. If the device shows a trace of alcohol, the student will be given a Breathalyzer test administered by a school resource officer or another police officer. If it is determined that the student is under the influence of alcohol, the student code of conduct guidelines will be followed.

    Parent Session

    We recently shared that all Noblesville Schools staff members have been trained on sexual abuse prevention and that we encourage parents to have discussions with their children/teens regarding appropriate adult behavior.

    To provide additional support in that area we will be hosting parent sessions on keeping children/teens safe.

    Toby Stark, Executive Director of Chaucie’s Place, will:

    • Inform you about “red flag” behaviors between sexual predators and victims
    • Provide advice on talking to your children/teens about body safety and avoiding risky

    • Explain specific actions you can take to help protect your children/teens

    There will be one session for elementary parents and another session for middle school/high school parents to provide age-appropriate guidance. We hope you’ll plan to take advantage of these important learning opportunities.

    Middle School/High School Chaucie’s Place Teen Safety Session September 14th, NHS Auditorium, 7PM
    Elementary School Chaucie’s Place Child Safety Session September 15th, NHS Auditorium, 7PM


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  • Week #2


    Week #2

    As we complete week #2, students are getting in the groove of school. Hopefully, students are finding their routine both in sleep patterns and in preparation. You have probably noticed more homework coming home. Soon, teachers will start entering grades in PowerSchool. You are encouraged to check your student’s progress from time to time. Falling behind in the classroom is much easier than catching up. Email teachers with concerns early if you have them.

    Yearbook Pictures

    Open House

    Please join us for our Open House on Thursday, 8/18, from 6:00-8:00pm. We follow a true open house format. Teachers will be in their rooms and you are free to walk the building to visit as many or as few of your child’s classes. Please bring a copy of your child’s schedule. You can enter through gates 1 or 4.

    eLearning Reminder

    needed on eLearning days. Thank-you for your help.


    Interested in reading the daily student announcements? They are posted on our website daily. You can find them at the bottom of the NHS main page under announcements. Or, you can follow this link - https://www.noblesvilleschools.org/Page/4456

    Insurance Option

    School pictures will take place August 18th and 19th in the LGI during English classes. Pictures

    can be ordered through the order form delivered to your student during their English class this

    week, or online at https://inter-state.com/shop using the online order code 08293MF.

    This is a reminder of the information that was sent out in the welcome back newsletter. We

    have our first eLearning day on Wednesday, 8/24. Please email melinda_miller@nobl.k12.in.us

    by Wednesday, 8/17, if your child will be attending school AND if he/she needs school provided

    transportation. We are attempting something new this school year and will only run the buses

    Noblesville Schools informs parents annually about an option to purchase accident and injury

    insurance for your child. This insurance is not managed through Noblesville Schools and is

    simply being shared as information for those who may be interested. For plan details

    visit https://www.1stagency.com

    Employment Opportunity

    Are you looking for a part time food service job that fits your student's schedule? Please call

    Sue Dunn @ 773-3171 x10420 for more information on current openings in the cafeteria.

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  • Week #1


    Week #1

    We had a great first week of school at NHS. Many students spent Monday and Tuesday finding their classrooms and finding where they want to sit in the cafeteria at lunch. They will spend the next week or two finding quicker and/or less congested ways to their classes. It’s always a fun time of year to see students excited about their new classes and re-engaging with old friends.


    Student drop-off and pick-up

    The lines to drop-off your child or to pick-up your child can be long. Adjusting your drop-off or pick-up time by just 5-10 minutes can create a smoother experience for you. Our doors are open by 7:00am. Feel free to go through the drop-off line at 7:10 or 7:15. You will get through much easier than at 7:25.

    Please keep moving forward before you pick-up or drop-off. Fill the gaps before allowing your student to get out of the car or before you allow them to get into your car. This speeds the process up for those waiting behind you.

    And, as always, proceed through the line with care. We have 300+ cars go through this area before and after school. Many students are walking in or out of the building. Thank-you for proceeding with caution.


    Parking Tags

    We have been communicating daily with students to remind all student drivers that they need to purchase a parking tag in student services. Please ask your student driver if he/she has purchased a parking tag. Our school resource officer will be sweeping the parking lot soon.

    Help Needed

    Are you looking for a part time food service job that fits your student's schedule? Please call

    Sue Dunn @ 773-3171 x10420 for more information on current openings in the cafeteria.

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  • e-Learning




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  • Welcome Letter



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