Counseling Resources

  • At Noblesville High School, the Counseling Department is here to provide academic guidance and counseling, career guidance and counseling, and brief personal/social counseling to help students through difficult emotional times or concerns. For ongoing mental health concerns, parents and students are encouraged to contact their pediatrician, family physician, and/or health insurance provider. When emergency situations arise outside of school hours, the resources below may be beneficial. If you have questions, please feel free to contact your child’s guidance counselor.

    Suicide Hotline


    CPS (Child Protection Services)

    1-800-800-5556 / 1-877-433-0138

    Aspire Indiana Behavorial Health System


    Community North Stress Center


    St. Vincent’s Stress Center

    1-800-872-2210 / 317-338-4800


Do the Right Thing: A Confidential Way to Report Bad Behavior

  • NHS students may report dangerous or destructive behavior to a confidential e-mail account: This e-mail account is monitored by NHS At-Risk Coordinator, Mrs. Deanna Cummins, who determines how to respond to these reports. Bullying, theft, and drug use/possession have been reported to the DTRT account. Mrs. Cummins has intervened to correct some behaviors, and she has referred other situations to the NHS administration. Students are encouraged to use DTRT to help keep NHS a safe and productive school environment.