• ACP United States History I & II
    Noblesville High School is one of roughly 40 highly qualified high schools in the nation to offer these Advance College Project American History courses.  This two-semester course covers the evolution of American society: political, economic, social structure, racial and ethnic groups, world diplomacy of the United States, territorial expansion, industrialization, urbanization, international events and their impact on American history. The first semester of H105 covers from English colonization through the Civil War.  The second semester of H106 covers 1865 to the present.  Students will examine a variety of materials and participate in a wide rage of activities.  Several reading materials will be utilized including primary and secondary sources.  The course level is collegiate and six transferable college credits can be earned if students gain acceptance through Indiana University's Advance College Project.  If students choose not to attend IU after high school graduation, they may transfer the credit to any university that accepts Indiana University transfer credit.

    Please view this site for more information.  http://acp.indiana.edu - Indiana University - Advance College Project
    Students enrolled in these courses may view assignments and online activities by logging into http://noblesville.instructure.com 
  • Mr. Swart's Schedule

    Black Day
    Block 1: 8:40-10:10 
    Block 3: 10:17-11:47
    Block 5: 11:54-2:03 
    (Department Chair Prep)
    Block 7: 2:10-3:40

    Gold Day
    Block 2: 8:40-10:10 
    (Instructional Prep)
    Block 4: 10:17-11:47
    Block 6: 11:54-2:03 
    (Department Chair Prep)
    Academic Lab: 2:10-3:40 

    Mr. Swart can be found in room 2208 for all blocks.  Instructional Prep and Department Chair are to be considered "office hours" in which you (if you are allowed by your teacher) can come to room 2208 and ask questions about assignments.  Other "office hours" are every day from 8:00-8:40 or during Academic Lab.  Students can request a pass through eHall pass during Academic Lab.