Welcome to 8th Grade
    The NEMS Counseling Department is very excited to work with your 8th grade student! The eighth grade year is one of the most important transition years in your child's life. As your student's counselors, we are available to assist with a variety of questions, issues and concerns. We serve as advocates for you and your child.  
    8th Grade Counseling Support 
    During the 8th grade year, we will work with your student's teachers to lead monthly lessons related to Personal/Social Development (including character education), Academic Skills (including study skills and organization) and Career Planning (including preparing for College). Additionally, we will meet with students individually and in group sessions. Group Guidance sessions will be held during lunch, Enrichment periods or study hall. Counselors have caseloads according to teams as well as grade levels. Additionally, your student's counselor will help your student plan for high school and will help coordinate all high school scheduling. 
    8th Grade Classes
    Each 8th grade student will be placed on a team. Each team consists of five teachers who teach Language Arts, Social Studies,Science, Spanish and Math. The teaming concept helps provide a better transition to middle school as the five teachers communicate daily about student concerns as well as work together to plan team specific events and programming. Every 8th grade student has two elective periods during the day. These two elective periods could include a gym class, a remediation class, a performing arts class or a diversified arts class. All students will complete their day with a Student Learning Time with one of their team teachers.
    What to Expect in 8th Grade
    Your student's counselor will work with your student to complete the high School planning process. In December, the counselor will meet with groups of eighth grade students to review graduation plans, diploma requirements, block scheduling, and high school terminology. In January, the high school counselors will meet with groups of eighth grade students to select high school courses. It is important as a parent to review this information with your child. Parents are invited to a parent meeting in early January at the high school to review all questions and concerns. In late January, students will work with the high school and middle school counselors to select scheduling requests online during the school day. In May, students will receive a tentative copy of their schedules and will be allowed to make changes until mid-June. In late July, all incoming freshman are invited to attend an orientation day at the high school and will receive their tentative schedule, ID, tour of the school, locker assignment and textbooks. To learn more about the High School Curriculum and scheduling options, please visit the NHS Guidance Course Descriptions webpage.