Welcome to 6th Grade
    The NEMS Counseling Department is very excited to welcome you to NEMS! As your student's counselors, we are available to assist with a variety of questions, issues and concerns. We serve as advocates for you and your child. 
    6th Grade Counseling Support 
    During the 6th Grade Year, we will work with your student's teachers to lead monthly lessons related to Personal/Social Development (including character education), Academic Skills (including study skills and organization) and Career Planning (including preparing for College). Additionally, we will meet with students individually and in group sessions. Group guidance sessions will be held during lunch, enrichment periods or study hall. Counselors have caseloads according to teams as well as grade levels.  
    6th Grade Classes
    Each 6th grade student will be placed on a team. Each team consists of two-four teachers who teach Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and
    Math. The teaming concept helps provide a better transition to middle school as the four teachers communicate daily about student concerns as well as work together to plan team specific events and programming. Every 6th grade student has two elective periods during the day. These two elective periods could include a gym class, a remediation class, a performing arts class or a diversified arts class. The majority of 6th grade students will have a full year of gym during an elective period. Sixth grade students will have either a performing arts elective period, a remediation elective period or a diversified arts elective Period for the second elective period. All students will complete their day with an East time with one of their team teachers on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Mondays and Fridays, students will participate in an Advisory period at the end of the day. Students and advisors will complete various activities together that focus on character development, educational neuroscience, academic goal setting, self-empowerment, and team building.  
    Top 10 Tips for Making a Successful Transition to Middle School 
    1. Attend School Every Day! If a student misses a day of school, it is his or her responsibility to contact all teachers for make-up work. Students are expected to return make-up work within a timely manner.
    2. Get to Know NEMS!  Be familiar with our calendar, daily schedule, rules, dress code and homework policies. Be sure to attend the Meet at the Middle Summer Orientation program in July to see where your classes and lockers are located. 
    3. Get Involved! A successful student is a well-rounded student. Listen to the daily announcements to learn about sport try-outs, club meetings and other special events. 
    4. Get Organized! Develop a system for organizing all homework, returned work and notes. Clean out your materials at least every two weeks. Take time to clean out your locker monthly. Make sure that you write down your assignments daily in your student agenda. 
    5.  Be a Successful Student! Before you walk into class each day, make sure that you have all your class materials including homework, textbooks, and a pencil. When you don't understand a class assignment, use your Student Learning Time at the end of the day to ask questions or ask during class.
    6. Display the Miller Way! All students at NEMS are encouraged to follow the Miller Way including Being Responsible, Respectful, Safe and Always Learning.
    7. Be a positive Bystander! If someone is being treated wrong or being bullied, be willing to stand up for that person by telling an adult. You also can complete an anonymous Bullying report in the Student Services office.
    8. Make Good Choices! In Middle School, you might face new instances of peer pressure. It is important that you stay true to yourself and listen to your own intuition. Don't be afraid to ask your Counselor for advice on how to deal with peer pressure.
    9. Monitor your Grades! As a student, you can login to PowerSchool and view your grades. It is important to set goals each quarter for grade improvement.
    10.  Be Responsible with Technology! Often times in Middle School, students will start using more apps and technology programs. These programs are great when used appropriately. We encourage you to not misuse these programs.