NSEF Miller Shift Grants


     NSEF Miller Shift Grants 

    Noblesville Schools Education Foundation is proud to invest in academic excellence in Noblesville Schools. The NSEF Miller Shift Grants are a great resource for educators with project ideas that enhance student achievement and motivation to learn. All NSEF grants must align with Noblesville Schools learning philosophy of engaging, inspiring and empowering students. In general, high value criteria include innovation, creativity, educational value, student impact and the ability to leverage community support or funding.
    NSEF Miller Shift Grant Committee reviews each grant application it receives. The committee may request additional information from the applicant, school administrators or curriculum coordinators. If the committee needs significantly more information about a project, applicant(s) could be asked to come in for a presentation and question session. Applications chosen for funding by the committee are then recommended to the Foundation’s board of directors for approval.

    The grant committee uses a combination of objective and subjective criteria when evaluating grant applications. Applications that clearly meet more criteria will generally be viewed more favorably during evaluation. In some instances NSEF is not able to fund all requests due to budgetary constraints or possible other funding found within the school budgets. This does not mean that a rejected application is inappropriate or unsatisfactory.  



    -Funding is only available to projects impacting Noblesville Schools, staff or students. Projects must be submitted and lead by a Noblesville Schools employee. Employees can sponsor a student project proposal. 

    -There is no limit on the number of proposals or awards a staff member may submit or receive. Similarly, there is no limit on the number of awards an individual school or department may receive.

    -No exceptions will be made for requests that fall outside of our application deadlines.

    -All grant applications must be approved by your principal and/or direct supervisor. Please have a conversation with them prior to submitting your proposal to make sure your project is a good fit for your building(s). Complete the NSEF Grant Approval Form found below, answer questions and get approval signature from your principal and/or direct supervisor. NSEF grants are designed to be for expenses that are outside of normal Noblesville Schools budget funding. Please make sure you ensure that normal school funding cannot fund your proposal before submission. 

    -If your project is funded, NSEF will require a final report after the project is completed. Failure to complete a final report will impact any future requests for funding.

    -Any unused funds will be returned to NSEF. 

    The NSEF Miller Shift Grants available now are mini grants (under $500) and impact grants ($500 and up).  
    Below are attached documents that will assist you in your grant application planning:
    Please click the following links for online grant applications:


    Any questions or concerns? We encourage you to reach out to Adriann Young (adriann_young@nobl.k12.in.us, 317-773-3171 ext 10431) or any NSEF board member.