Classroom Grants

  • The Noblesville Schools Education Foundation offers grants to teachers for projects that provide additional learning and enrichment opportunities in areas such as foreign language, social studies, reading, science, and drama. Funds also support programs to expand creative thinking skills and to improve attendance and citizenship within the schools.

    More than $700,000 has been directed to the foundation's grant program since the first grants were made in 1988. Every school child has benefited from the grants through the various projects, activities, and events that have been funded. In most years the total amount of grant requests is greater than the available funding.
    Types of Grants

    There are two types of grants:
    • Master Grant - Projects that involve departments, grade levels, several grade levels, or an entire school with funding over $300. The deadline for this is the first Friday in March.
    • Mini-Grant - Individual or class project funding up to $300. There are two deadlines: (1) the first Friday in October for funding during the Spring semester, and (2) the first Friday in March for funding during the Fall semester.