• Student Scholarships

    The Noblesville Schools Education Foundation presents an annual award to a graduating senior using the following criteria:
    • The recipient shall plan to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Education.
    • The scholarship shall be based on academic standing, character, leadership, service and interest in the field of education.
    • The award is to be used for tuition, books and supplies as required.
    Student Scholarship Application

    Teacher Scholarships

    The Noblesville Schools Education Foundation offers a tuition scholarship for classroom teachers in Noblesville Schools. The purpose of the scholarship is to assist a classroom teacher in taking a college course that will improve classroom instruction. One scholarship for one course and books (up to a maximum of $750) will be offered each year. The following criteria is used:
    • The recipient must be a full-time classroom teacher in Noblesville Schools.
    • The recipient must be committed to returning to Noblesville Schools for the following school year after the scholarship is awarded.
    The deadline for the teacher scholarship is the first Friday in May.