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    Welcome to the NEMS Art Room
    It is the start of a new year and I am looking forward to meeting all of our new 6th grade students and greeting all of my students from last year! I am also going to be teaching an art enrichment called Exploring Art this year. This enrichment class will take place during SLT time and students who want to participate will need to pick up an application the first week of school in my room (1147). The students who are chosen for this enrichment will have the opportunity to explore and create the kind of art that inspires them as well as take part in creating a mural for our own school building. This enrichment will replace the student's SLT time and will not be for a grade. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you any questions about this exciting opportunity @ marcia_melton@nobl.k12.in.us.
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  • 8th grade Art 
    Art Studio
    This class is designed to further develop the student’s skills, techniques, and vocabulary introduced in 7th grade art. Students will learn how to use the Principles of Design as a guide for combining the Elements of Art. Student’s studio works will be inspired by researching and reading what they have compiled about an artist, art style, or art movement. Students will learn to understand and appreciate the thinking process of an artist. Students will be challenged to problem solve utilizing higher level thinking skills including abstract thought and expression.
     pottery wheel
     pinch and slab
     rolling coils
  • 7th grade Art
    2-Dimensional Art Skills

    This class is designed to further develop a student’s art skills, techniques and vocabulary introduced in 6th grade art with an emphasis on the Elements of Art. This advanced exploration in two-dimensional media will emphasize honing their drawing technique. Students will use research and sketching as tools for planning and creating their studio artworks. Students will be introduced to the critique process, which includes describing, analyzing, interpreting, and judging works of art. To summarize their work and further develop their skills of self-expression, students will be asked to evaluate and assess their own knowledge, progress, and level of proficiency.
    Below are some of our self portraits... WOW! Students learn about some of the most famous portrait artists of all time and we try to answer the question... Why do artists choose to paint themselves? Frida Kahlo, Chuck Close, Grant Wood... different time periods, different cultures, different styles... different stories. The discussions are always interesting and students give some thought to how their self portraits would look if they were telling their own stories. The unit ends with students completing a pencil drawing of themselves.
    6th grade Art
    Exploring Art

    This class is designed to provide an overview of Visual Arts while studying a broad variety of art tools and materials. With an emphasis on art careers, this course is designed to develop higher-level thinking, art related technology skills, art criticism, art history, and aesthetics. The goal is to open students eyes to a broader view of art and to better understand how art and design affects every aspect of their daily lives, from the shoes on their feet, to the books they carry at school, to the movies they see on a Friday night. Students will be introduced to self-assessment as a means to better understand how to be objective about and improve their artworks.
  • If you would like to see the document we review the first week of class, it is attached below (Just click on the blue link). It includes information about my classroom rules and consequences as well as my grading practices. Grading art projects can be tricky business and I hope this document will help give you a clearer picture of my expectations for the students and the work they create in my class. Welcome letter
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