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     *please continue to check powerschool with your child
    Typical Weekly Expectations:  studying notes and vocab, reading texts,  and any homework assigned on Stanford HW page.  Students are expected to take independent cornell notes for each of the sections in text.  I have modeled at length and created a chart in class of key questions to focus on.  Cornell will be utilized on major unit tests. These are notes they have taken are given the privilege to use on tests.  

    6th grade science is designed to help students begin to develop the basic skills a scientist might experience and need to be successful.  Important note-booking skills, deep/close reading, appropriate amounts of writing, lots of discussion, and lab applications will be the major plan for the year. 

    Stanford Schedule 2014-2015:
    7:35-8:40        Period 1
    8:43-9:45        Period 2
    9:48-10:50      Period 3
    10:53-11:55    Period 4
    11:55-12:25    Lunch
    12:30-1:10      Diversified Arts/Wellness
     1:15-1:55       Diversified Arts/Wellness
    2:00-2:30        Student Learning Time (SLT)
    2:35                  Dismissal
    The Miller Way
    This year, students have been introduced to a school wide initiative called "The Miller Way."  Its purpose is to teach students the appropriate ways of interacting in the classroom, hallway, cafeteria, restrooms, playground and on buses.  There are three main components to this way of thinking and behaving: Be Ready, Be Responsible and Safe and Be Respectful.  Parents are encouraged to have conversations with their students regarding this new philosophy.  Expectations of behavior in the areas listed above can be found on the school website.  
    6th Grade Science Curriculum
    1.  Skills of Science:  Chapter 1 and 2
    2.  Matter:  Chapter 3 and 4
    3.  Energy:  Chapter 5
    4.  Solar System:  Chapter 6 and 7
    5.  Populations/Communities/Ecosystems/Biomes:
         Chapters 8 and 9
    Each chapter is divided into individual lessons.  We will spend appropriate time on each lesson to reach our objectives.  I encourage parents to read through the lessons with their child and discuss questions.  This will reinforce information given in class.  I am encouraging note-taking, reading informational texts, study skills, and organization along with the rigorous curriculum. There will be lesson quizzes and chapter tests.  All will be announced and study guides provided.  Please help you child keep up the daily Stanford Homework.  
    Daily Science Review:  This will be bell work each morning. Students will be given a Big Question to ponder over this reading.  It is divided up into four days.  Each day they are given information leading up to Big question.  They will receive the DSR on Monday.  They will read a day each night highlighting supporting details to questions and marking stars to indicate answers to the big question.  They will work in their table group to answer the questions from the reading they did the night before.  This is teaching them to be observant readers as well supporting their answers with key facts found in text.  This is a tough skill for 6th graders, many wanting to write their answer and thoughts to a question, but not wanting to support it.  They will have a weekly quiz on Fridays over this reading.  They will get to use their weekly DSR to help them.  This is not material I am teaching, it is to get them thinking, writing, and communicating like scientists.  The weekly DSR is graded each week for completion (5 points) and the quiz (10-20 points).  Helping your child read through and highlight support evidence to questions after the reading and placing a star in the text when any evidence is given to the weekly question.  
    *Grading Practices:  
    Grades in science will be weighted: 75% assessments, 15% classwork, 10% homework
    If a student is missing an assignment it will be marked with an “M” for “Missing”  and entered as a "0" in power school to draw attention to it.  All have been taught the make-up work procedures for each class.  If you notice no score or 2 dashes, this indicates that I have not graded or I am in the process of grading and entering.  Any assignment I want you aware will be given a 0 and a comment.  Please give your child access to their powerschool log-in and password.  We are trying to encourage independence and responsibility (self-advocacy with teacher/parent support).  I suggested checking grades Sunday night, and if there is a discrepancy they should e-mail me or see me that week for clarification.