School Safety

Noblesville Schools takes very seriously the physical and emotional safety of its' students, staff and visitors.  The district employs a variety of resources dedicated to creating a safe, respectful school culture that promotes an environment for students to learn, grow and develop to the highest possible standards.
School Resource Officers
The School Resource Officer position is a service provided by the Noblesville Police department to the Noblesville School Corporation.  The position provides multiple services for the students and staff.  It is the duty of the SRO’s to protect and service the community; as well as to help enforce policy and procedure of the school corporation. To learn more SRO.
ALICE Training
Noblesville Schools provides ALICE Training to all of its' staff and lessons to students. It is the goal of the district to provide knowledge, teach skills and proactive strategies that will empower staff and students in keeping our schools safe. To learn more ALICE Training
Nonviolent Crisis Prevention Intervention-CPI
In keeping our district's environment physically and emotionally safe for everyone, Noblesville Schools implements Nonviolent Crisis Intervention. CPI  employs best practices focusing on prevention strategies for safely defusing anxious, hostile, or violent behavior at the earliest possible stage.  To learn more Nonviolent Crisis Intervention-CPI