Miss Vaughn's Music Classroom

Welcome to Music Class!  I am so excited to share my love for music with your children.  We are going to have a great year together. 

I have earned my Orff-Schulwerk Certification this summer and am ready to teach your children lots and lots of new things this year and in the future.  I plan on teaching as much from the Music for Children Volumes as I can and plan on growing our recorder curriculum to get the children playing as much as they can.  (If you're not sure what any of that means, just ask.  I'd be glad to share more information with you).

Keep checking back for updates and feel free to visit me on My Big Campus.  I will have lots of sites up for you to visit, if you'd like to learn more about what your children are learning in music class. 

Remember, a complete education includes MUSIC!   

Our schedule is a 4-Day rotation.  I will see your child every 4th day (Ex. Monday, Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, etc.)  If we have a day off, the schedule will continue with where we left off.  If there is a 2-hour delay, I will still see your child as planned, except for 4th and 5th grade.   

Grades/Discipline Policy
The grading system and discipline policy is consistent among the special content areas (Art, Music, Wellness).  In music class, I have a time-out binder which keeps track of each time a child sits in time-out.  If your child is in time-out 3 times, I send a parent note home which must be signed and returned before the child can participate in music class again.  Their grade will be based on the discipline policy.   

Music Performance Rubric
This is the rubric I use when grading your child on their music performance skills.  This rubric is used for vocal and instrumental performances.  Your child will be graded in three categories (Beat/Rhythm, Tune, and Expression/Technique).  A score of 6 is expected.  This shows that the student is mostly successful with each skill being measured.  I fill out two copies of the rubric so I may keep one for my records and send one home with the student immediately.   

Indiana Music Standards
I align each lesson with the Indiana Music Standards and often cover 5-20 standards per lesson.  You may read what your child is expected to do by the end of each grade level.  Also, you may look ahead and see how these standards progress through the years, not only to 5th grade, but also in high school performing ensembles.